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Kedgley Music Centre

Kedgley Music Centre (KMC) is a government-subsidised community music centre that has offered after-school music tuition for Primary and Intermediate aged children in the local community for over 50 years. Children get an opportunity to showcase their talents in an end of year concert and awards ceremony enjoyed by parents and supporters. This has become a highlight of the musical year. The teaching environment is friendly and informal allowing the children to develop on their chosen instruments.

Classes are held in the Kedgley Intermediate School Music Centre – the building to the left of the school reception when entering via the main gate (see on Google Maps). Students are taught in small groups for half-hour lessons.

2023 Programme and Class Timetable

KMC operates after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during normal school terms.

The final timetable will be published once the classes and student allocations have been finalised.

Applications for 2023

Applications for 2023 is now closed. We will be in contact with details of lesson times and dates.

We’ll process applications and provide payment information to parents once the classes and student allocations have been finalised. Classes are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, with priority given to returning students.

Kedgley Music Centre Enrolment Form 2023

Confirming class placements

Once the applications are received and Ministry of Education funding approvals process is complete, we will finalise the classes and begin placing students in them. If your application is accepted, you’ll receive a notification by email. To secure your child’s place, you’ll need to make sure that you pay all required fees no later than Monday, 13 February 2023. Students are confirmed as enrolled in a class only when their fees are paid in full (including membership, book and hire fees).

If the deposit and remaining fees are not paid by the above dates, we may make your place(s) available to other children.

Lessons begin Monday, 20 February 2023.


KMC offers lessons to Primary and Intermediate-aged children who are aged 6 years or older on 1 Feb 2023. Children may enrol in one class only, subject to the following requirements:

  • Six-year olds may only enrol in FUSE Drumming or in the Introduction to Music recorder or ukulele class (see details below).
  • Seven-year olds must have completed one of the Introduction to Music recorder or ukulele classes before progressing to another instrument. This requirement may be waived by the individual music tutor if the child is able to demonstrate sufficient musical theory and experience.
  • Children should be at least 8 years old to enrol in flute, clarinet and saxophone classes. Smaller students wishing to play saxophone will need to be fitted and may be moved to clarinet if they can’t comfortably hold the saxophone yet.

About FUSE Drumming

FUSE Drumming is a group drumming programme that started in Tauranga and is now taught at schools around New Zealand. There is no need for a large drum kit in your home as you just need a bucket and some drumsticks!

Your membership fee includes a specially marked FUSE Drumming bucket, plus a pair of drumsticks.


About Introduction to Music

The Introduction to Music classes are designed to teach the basic elements of music reading, develop good practice habits and lay a solid foundation that will help your child progress into an instrument of their choosing the following year. Students can choose either recorder or ukulele.


  • Keyboard: Keyboard students will need a keyboard at home to practice on (they don’t need to bring it to class). Any working keyboard will do, but if you are wanting to buy one, Casio or Yamaha keyboards are a good option. It is helpful if the keyboard has at least 61 keys.
  • Ukulele: Ukulele students will need their own ukulele, which can be purchased from any music store before the first week of classes. Makala or Kohala brands are a good option.
  • Guitar: Guitar students will need their own guitar, which can be purchased from any music store before the first week of classes.
  • Drums: Drum students will need their own set of drumsticks, which can be purchased from any music store before the first week of classes. If they don’t have a drum kit at home, they will need to purchase a rubber practise pad from any music store.
  • Recorder: Recorder students will need their own recorder, which can be purchased from any music store before the first week of classes. To ensure consistent tuning and sound in the group, students will need a Yamaha recorder.

Instrument hire

  • Instruments available for hire through KMC for 2022 are clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet and violin. We do not hire guitars, drums, keyboards, recorders or ukuleles.
  • Replacement violin strings can be bought from the tutors.
  • Instruments are handed out at the first lesson and must be returned for servicing at the end-of-year concert (or during the last lesson if not attending the concert).
  • Subject to availability of serviced instruments, students enrolling for lessons for next year in the same instrument may exchange their current instrument at the end-of-year concert for one which has already been serviced and keep it over the summer. This may only be done if the next year’s enrolment and hire forms have been completed, and all fees paid in full, one week before the concert night.


Fees for the 2023 year are as follows:

  • Membership fee: $100 (first child), $90 (second child), $80 (third and subsequent children)
  • Instrument hire fee:
    $75 for violin
    $100 for bass guitar, clarinet, flute and trumpet
    $150 for saxophone

All fees must be paid in full by bank deposit or Internet banking to the nominated KMC bank account no later than Monday, 13 February 2023 unless we have advised a later date in your class placement email.

If you will have difficulty paying by bank deposit or Internet banking, please contact the KMC supervisor below to make alternative arrangements.

Music books

Music books are not included in the membership fee and will need to be purchased separately. Book fees for beginners (1st Year) classes are paid at the time of enrolment. 2nd Year and later students may purchase books as and when needed from KMC.

KMC terms

By applying to enrol your child at KMC, you agree to the terms and conditions set out in the enrolment form.


Contacting us

If you have any questions or require further information about KMC, you contact the supervisor at