Kedgley Intermediate

Student Leaders

Within the school there are a variety of duties and responsibilities providing leadership opportunities for students. Through these opportunities, students develop the skills to become future leaders in society, able to rise to challenges that come their way. Our student leaders are role models for the rest of our school and stand proud in their roles.

Heads of School 2020

Jaaneya Jeet
Head Student

My name is Jaaneya Jeet and I am very honoured to be given this leadership role as a head student for K.I.S for Term 1 and 2. I adore Kedgley Intermediate and I’d say it’s one of the best intermediate schools in Auckland.

My purpose is to be someone who can be spoken to without any hesitation, to make sure students are feeling safe in their environment, and to make sure that the student voice is delivered to the staff in order for it to be heard. Like our school motto says “Believe Become and Inspire”, I believe that I have the qualities to lead the school and to become a better leader so i can inspire you to believe in yourself to become what you want so you can inspire others.


Jaydah-Lee Maera
Head Student

Head Student! It is a privilege to be a headstudent not only because I get to organise events (assemblies, etc.) but I get to serve the students at Kedgley Intermediate. It means so much that I get to be someone’s inspiration and role model.

Spreading leadership, courtesy and kindness is a main highlight of being Head Student. I can definitely say being a Head Student has made me open my eyes a bit and made me step up as a leader. My purpose of being Head Student is just to lead every student at KIS to become an amazing Eagle and develop them into independent leaders!


Jazelle Otutaha
Head Student

My purpose as a head student at Kedgley Intermediate is to serve each individual with full pride and joy, As well as making them feel safe in all physical and academic areas! I strongly believe I have the potential required to accomplish this duty. I believe I have what it takes to make many differences at this school, I am willing to become who I desire to be, and I will inspire one another to achieve all goals they’ve set for themselves! It is a true honour to serve Kedgley Intermediate as a head student, I am your average girl who strives for things beyond expected!

Serving students falls hand in hand with the humble personality I have. My purpose is to help our community for a safer environment. Another reason why I adore being head student is I want every Kedgley student to express our school values and mantra with pride and happiness. This role is preparing me for a better future, and what our Heavenly Father has in store for myself. All of the above is my reasoning as a head student at Kedgley Intermediate!


Jaylah Roi
Head Student

To me being head student is a massive honour, but also a big role to take on. I am truly honoured to be a leader at Kedgley, especially being one of the  head students. I am totally proud of how far I have come and I can’t wait to see how far I can go. Becoming head student or making into sport groups isn’t that easy, but if you give your all and have lots of confidence in yourself you will most likely succeed.

My purpose as a head student is to create a positive path for the students now and oncoming, I want to be a good role model for everyone, not just in school but also outside of school. I want to encourage the students to aim high and inspire them to be the best version of themselves.

“If I can do me, then you can do you.”


Jonathan Faatupu Sefo
Head Student

Being a head student is an absolute privilege. I am so proud to be a head student and a leader in this school. I get to help and support students, I get a voice in the school and I get to show people what I am capable of. Becoming head student was always my number one goal and now that I have achieved it, I believe everything is possible – but only with God. Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

My purpose is to encourage students to achieve their goals so they can be successful. I will help to be a foundation for them in order for them to try their best and become eagles.


Serve to Lead 2020

Our purpose is to fulfil our roles as fair, kind and hardworking leaders. We are a voice for the students and role models who lead by example. We inspire others to become Eagles by challenging and encouraging them to take charge of their decisions and futures.

Back Row: Natania Misi, Keeli Pai, Lafaele Paulo, Jonathan Sefo, Vanise Seti Fevaaiai Leaana, Tupou Nofoakifolau, Maya Shadrock, Jaylah Roi, Kiresa Mua, Jaaneya Jeet

Middle Row: Mason Wells-Tupou, Santana Rewi, Jaydah Maera, Nevaeh Laban, Navrish Kishor, Mykhael Rondon-Waipouri, Jazelle Otutaha

Front Row: Ikapoti Taalo, Savannah Ah Fook, Ivanah Savea, Riley Grant-Faiva, Haseena Sharifi, Manav Kumar

Absent: Lucas Jefferson, Yamilla Marteen

Upstanders Leaders 2020

Our purpose is to stand up against bullying and make our school a safe place for everyone. We meet weekly to discuss ways we can support the school to be upstanders and are currently working towards creating systems to identify bullying, resolve conflict and refer problems to adults in the school that can help.

Hasim Ahmed
Yasmine Guillard
Jaaneya Jeet
Daiyaan Khan
Navrish Kishor
Keandra Leakehe
Isaac Lesoa
Jaydah-Lee Maera

Logan Mateo
Faaizah Nisha
Pita Niuafe
Tupou Nofoakifolau
Maria Pasene
Shriya Prakash
Topaz Repia
Phoenix Richards

Jaylah Roi
Maya Shadrock
Tanisha Sharma
Shreya Singh
Moroni Tangi
Areta Tanoa’i
Aotofaga Tanoa’i

Tha Taw Wah
Jessykah Tuitama
Celine Tukuafu
Mele Vainikolo
Lema Vite
Manaia Wade-Mulligan
Mason Wells-Tupou