Kedgley Intermediate

Student Leaders

Within the school there are a variety of duties and responsibilities providing leadership opportunities for students. Through these opportunities, students develop the skills to become future leaders in society, able to rise to challenges that come their way. Our student leaders are role models for the rest of our school and stand proud in their roles.

Heads of School 2023 Terms 1 & 2

‘Eneasi Paea
Head Student

My purpose is to encourage students to strive to the best they can be and to support them on the right path. Also, to make Kedgley Intermediate feel like their second home, with lots of students and friends to talk.

Audrianna Siulangapo
Head Student

My purpose is to serve our school, not only to lead but to show others how to lead. To continue to inspire students to strive and become the best version of themselves as eagles while upholding our school values.



Yadah Tanielu
Head Student

My purpose as a Head Student is to represent the student body and help my peers to have a bigger say in our school’s community so that I am able to take care of our school and to create a space for everyone to feel comfortable, valued and safe. Also, to encourage our students to reach their full potential and to attract a positive vibe to make our school a better place than it already is.

Selaima Taulahi
Head Student



Serve to Lead 2023

Our purpose is to fulfil our roles as fair, kind and hardworking leaders. We are a voice for the students and role models who lead by example. We inspire others to become Eagles by challenging and encouraging them to take charge of their decisions and futures.

Alex Amrii
Audrianna Siulangapo
Darius Tuaiti
Dia Gill
Eden Iese
Eneasi Paea
Fynauly Tuituloa

Jannat Shakeel
Kenzie Tetuanui
Keziah William
Livanna Jade
Makalesi Talanoa
Manavi Naidu
Mephayaz Winterstien

Miciah Grant
Mycah Tuua
Naomi – My Joy Tuau
Poasi Tauhalaliku
Rashi Panchal
Selaima Taulahi
Shival Katoa

Shruti Lal
Sisilia Fatanitavake
Sophie Kent
Taase Fereti
Yadah Tanielu
Zaem Ali

Upstanders Leaders 2023

Our purpose is to stand up for what is right, inspire kindness and make our school a safe place. We meet fortnightly to discuss ways we can support the school to be upstanders and host events that inspire kindness. We connect with our students during break times and work alongside our trusted adults to resolve situations.

Alisi Paea
Aniketh Singh
Ayva-Lee Vaivai
Danny Brown
Faraaz Ali
Joshua Sisifa

Karamea Thompson
Kitana Wipani
Koliniasi Vaomotou
Latoya Mania
Llewa Lesatele
Lope Loto’ahea

Lucas Absolum Leuluso’o
Mariam Hussein
Masooma Ali
Mele Loto’ahea
Moana Pulu
Princeston Vili

Raagrika Prasad
Roman Eruera
Shreyashi Goundar
Taumaia Tigaua
Toni Latu
Vaisa Leakehe

181 Connect 2023

We are proud to be a group created and led by students – for our students. Our purpose is to create safe spaces to share, connect and talanoa with one another. We aim to provide the students of KIS with a place where everyone feels welcomed, heard, and valued.

Whānau Captains 2023