Kedgley Intermediate

Student Leaders

Within the school there are a variety of duties and responsibilities providing leadership opportunities for students. Through these opportunities, students develop the skills to become future leaders in society, able to rise to challenges that come their way. Our student leaders are role models for the rest of our school and stand proud in their roles.

Heads of School 2021 Terms 3 & 4

Maya Shadrock
Head Student


My purpose as a head student is to serve our kedgley community by being the voice of my peers, assuring that staff & students feel safe within the school environment, and by encouraging students to aim high & be the best version of themselves. 

To be given the opportunity to be a head student is a honour and a privilege, and I’m looking forward to fulfilling my role as a leader.


Steven Live Luatua
Head Student

My purpose as a Head Student is to help my peers make good life decisions, influence their behaviours, shape their goals and to help them find their own purpose in life.

My purpose as a head is also to continue to lead and set a good example, so that I’m able to inspire and encourage them to be the best version of themselves.



Christopher Mara
Head Student

As the Head of School, my goal is to encourage our students to take advantage of opportunities and, most importantly, to have a successful year. I will be the voice for our Kedgley community, ensuring that we are on the correct course as students. It has been an honour to be chosen as one of the Heads of School for Terms 3 and 4 and I’m so excited and looking forward to experiencing my role further than ever.




Trisha Sharma
Head Student




Serve to Lead 2021

Our purpose is to fulfil our roles as fair, kind and hardworking leaders. We are a voice for the students and role models who lead by example. We inspire others to become Eagles by challenging and encouraging them to take charge of their decisions and futures.

Year 8

Christopher Mara

Ikapoti Taalo

Steven Tangi

Titan Ford

Manaia Wade-Mulligan

Edwena Samuelu

Jackson Ford

Maya Shadrock

Ruben Kumar

Rebecca-Marie Leafe

Heena Bano

Keeli Pai

Mele Vainikolo

Samara Charania

Trisha Sharma

Honour Leakehe

Lucas Jefferson

Nathaniel Naicker

Savannah Ah Fook

Yamilla Marteen

Year 7

Andrew Lilo

Giovanni Lasini

Damien Dao

Kira Rosales

Shamailah Ali

Devek Naidu

Mosiah Apulu

Tiana Forsman

Ezekiah Hau

Ramiri Solomon Matehaere

Upstanders Leaders 2021

Our purpose is to stand up against bullying and make our school a safe place for everyone. We meet weekly to discuss ways we can support the school to be upstanders and are currently working towards creating systems to identify bullying, resolve conflict and refer problems to adults in the school that can help.