Kedgley Intermediate

Student Leaders

Within the school there are a variety of duties and responsibilities providing leadership opportunities for students. Through these opportunities, students develop the skills to become future leaders in society, able to rise to challenges that come their way. Our student leaders are role models for the rest of our school and stand proud in their roles.

Heads of School 2022 Terms 1 & 2

Damian Dao
Head Student

My purpose as a head student is to make sure Kedgley is the perfect environment for all students and to also help everyone in Kedgley achieve their potential by ensuring that they stay on course until the very end.

Mary Folau
Head Student

My purpose is to lead people in the right direction and help anybody who needs a hand. I look forward to serving our school this year. All the best for 2022.


Lisi Kata
Head Student

My purpose is to help my peers gain confidence, making them smile and leading them through their time here at Kedgley.



Andrew Lilo
Head Student

My purpose is to listen, serve and motivate not only as a friend and someone you can count on but also as a person who will push you to your limits so we can both bring our inner Eagle and inspire others to do the same.

Serve to Lead 2022

Our purpose is to fulfil our roles as fair, kind and hardworking leaders. We are a voice for the students and role models who lead by example. We inspire others to become Eagles by challenging and encouraging them to take charge of their decisions and futures.

Alexandria Bell McFarland
Ammiel Toma
Andrew Lilo
Angelyn Daclan
Ashley Prakash
Audrianna Siulangapo
Ben Tokahere

Damian Dao
Davead Duenas
Devek Naidu
Ethan Pathan
Giovanni Lasini
Isabella Sulu-Kiripati
Kakala Honemau

Kira Rosales
Lisi Kata
Malachi Iona
Mary Folau
Miciah Grant Faiva
Mosiah Apulu
Pranav Maharaj

Ramari S Matehaere
Robert Pange
Shamailah Ali
Shiloh Raikadroka
Shival Katoa
Tiana Forsman
Yadah Tanielu

Upstanders Leaders 2022

Our purpose is to stand up against bullying and make our school a safe place for everyone. We meet weekly to discuss ways we can support the school to be upstanders and are currently working towards creating systems to identify bullying, resolve conflict and refer problems to adults in the school that can help.