Kedgley Intermediate

Student Leaders

Within the school there are a variety of duties and responsibilities providing leadership opportunities for students. Through these opportunities, students develop the skills to become future leaders in society, able to rise to challenges that come their way. Our student leaders are role models for the rest of our school and stand proud in their roles.

Heads of School 2019

Konelio Burgess
Head Student

 It’s better to be an eagle for a day than a chicken all your life. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. To win a fight, you’ve got to have the right strategy and the right resource, because history doesn’t come by accident.


Tamalisi Langi
Head Student

Head student to me is a huge honour, as much as it a huge responsibility. It may have its ups and downs but at the end of the day it will always be a blessing that was given to me. A head student to me is someone who really does believe in our school’s values and purposes, someone who actually takes action for what they believe in, and someone who desires to inspire young and older leaders.

In the future I want to help more with what Kedgley are already doing with the environment. I want to do more with The Upstanders with what our aim is. I want Kedgley to be one happy, healthy, and clean school.


Archie Leuluaialii
Head Student

Hi, my name is Archie Leuluaialii and I am one of the Head students to lead KIS for Term 3 & 4. I am very honoured and thankful for the role that I’ve achieved. I never could have gotten this role on my own and I’m thankful to have a supportive teacher & class rooting for me all the way. 

My two years here at Kedgley Intermediate has been such an amazing journey. During my journey here in KIS, I’ve learned that our choices, show who we truly are. So that in the real world, we can make our own wise decisions.

 I would like to thank all the people who believe that I can step up and lead Kedgley Intermediate. 

“Stay humble, stay original, and keep it real!”


Christine Sefo
Head Student

Talofa Lava. My name is Christine Sefo. It’s such a huge privilege & honour to be Head Student of Kedgley Intermediate for this is a goal I have been aiming to accomplish my whole life. This is not just any type of accomplishment. For me, it’s called “when you get an opportunity, never let it go to waste”. There were times when I felt like I wasn’t going to make it but I persevered my way up & eventually, after all the progress I have made, I am proud to finally be one of the four Head Students of Kedgley Intermediate School.

My purpose at Kedgley Intermediate is to inspire future generations to never let an opportunity go to waste because you never know if you’ll ever get another opportunity ever again in your life. Small things can play a big role in a human’s life & I’m looking forward to see where my leadership skills take me in the future. So far my experience at Kedgley has been so amazing. I have learnt a variety of new things and I have discovered what I never knew even existed in the past. I am now focusing on a new goal which I believe someday will become true and hopefully I’ll Inspire others to Dream Big & Never Give Up because there’s a reason for everything. 


Serve to Lead 2019

Our purpose is to fulfil our roles as fair, kind and hardworking leaders. We are a voice for the students and role models who lead by example. We inspire others to become Eagles by challenging and encouraging them to take charge of their decisions and futures.

Vaine Auva’a

Christopher Gordon

Iakopo Iakopo

Jazz Luamanu

Elina Afa

Sale Tatupu

Lavenitani Taufa

Brooklyn Auloa

Tiana Graham

Perenise Lam

Jaydah-Lee Maera

Peter Ogden

Summer Sagala

Sarah Tongotongo

Lio Burgess

Tapuaki Haunga

Tamalisi Langi

Kiresa Mua

Sia Pal

Christine Sefo

Akkadian Winterstein

Lamiyah Faanati

Rawiri Howard

Archie Leuluaialii

Carlos Ng Shiu

Jaylah Roi

Mykhael Rondon-Waipouri

Upstanders Leaders 2019

Our purpose is to stand up against bullying and make our school a safe place for everyone. We meet weekly to discuss ways we can support the school to be upstanders and are currently working towards creating systems to identify bullying, resolve conflict and refer problems to adults in the school that can help.

Hasim Ahmed

Navrish Kishor

Albert Laurenson

Jaydah-Lee Maera

Carlos Ng Shiu

Jaylah Roi

Areta Tanoa’i

Lema Vite

Vaishali Bhan

Erick Kumar

Keandra Leakehe

Preeyansha Mala

Sarah-Ann Ngata

Charlize Schmidt

Emeline Tuia

Tha Taw Wah

Izayjiah Fuataga

Perenise Lam

Isaac Lesoa

Rachael Manuleleua

Tupou Nofoakifolau

Rachel Scott

Jessykah Tuitama

Mason Wells-Tupou

Firdos Khan

Tamalisi Langi

Dayshan Mackie

Logan Mateo

Shriya Prakash

Shahil Swamy

Celine Tukuafu